Lincoln Park Conservatory Chicago Family PhotosTrent Family

Lincoln Park Conservatory Chicago Family Photos
I call this family the Gerber Baby Factory for a reason...I will pay you a hundred dollars to find a better head of hair on a baby, let alone two...And keep in mind that my child had a natural reverse ombre at birth, so in my book these two even have Winnie beat. We took these photos at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, and it was sooo worth the extra time and effort [...]

Elopement at Chicago’s City HallJohn & Darcy

Elopement at Chicago's City Hall
As their families and friends went about their day unaware of the incredible secret unfolding a thousand miles away, John and Darcy held their first dance as husband and wife on the grand staircase of the Cultural Center. Serenaded by an orchestra playing beneath the famous Tiffany Dome, time stopped for a moment. I couldn't believe it when I received an email from[...]

Ignite Glass Studios Chicago Wedding PhotosNick & Jennifer

Ignite Glass Studios Chicago Wedding Photos
I just love what this bride told me after viewing her gallery for the first time; she said that until that moment, she hadn't realized how much she had genuinely smiled on their wedding day. As a witness to their day, my first thought was, "Umm, hello! Yes, you were freaking radiant." But as a photographer, I have thought much on the topic since that day. Mostly, how [...]

Stan Hywet Mansion | Ohio Wedding PhotosJason & Amanda

Stan Hywet Mansion | Ohio Wedding Photos
We have a lot going for us in Chicago, but when it comes to mansions, Ohio has us beat. The Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens took my breath away, and that even includes the far corner of the basement (which makes a surprising appearance just after the wedding processional). I photographed Jason and Amanda's emotional proposal almost three years ago (see the post here)[...]

The Modern Wing | The Art Institute of Chicago WeddingModern Chicago Wedding

The Modern Wing | The Art Institute of Chicago Wedding
  This Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago wedding was straight from a dream. My favorite part of the day was the ceremony, which is true of most weddings I photograph. But this ceremony in particular was just enchanting. The acoustics filled the Griffin Court and made each moment feel so full. Guests threw paper airplanes shaped like hearts during the[...]

Chicago Art Institute Engagement PhotosNick & Mallory

Chicago Art Institute Engagement Photos
It's wedding week for a couple I am very, very attached to! Nick and Mallory's vision for photography might be the closest I've found to mirroring my own. When I read her initial email to me, I felt like I was reading words I myself would have written to my own wedding photographer. They've been long distance for way too long and are desperate to start a new chapte[...]

Winnie Turns One!The One and Only Winnie

Winnie Turns One!
If you've been around a while, you know that nostalgia is pretty much the foundation of my business. I like to think that's what makes me good at my job; I hold on tightly to emotional moments. I am drawn to them and get attached to them. My over-the-top nostalgia is the reason I have a hard time with change, even good change. Today, our little chub turns one and I am[...]

Chicago’s Lincoln Park Nature Walk Engagement PhotosReilly & Jenny

Chicago's Lincoln Park Nature Walk Engagement Photos
Reilly and Jenny! Everything about them is lovely. They're genuine and kind, easygoing and playful. They'll be married next summer at Chicago's History Museum and I am counting down the days (for obvious reasons). Our time together was spent catching up and laughing as the bright July evening turned into a twinkly summer night. It was magical, and now I am 10% e[...]

The Estate Chicago by Gene & Georgetti Wedding PhotosBrian & Sarah

The Estate Chicago by Gene & Georgetti Wedding Photos
I will always remember their wedding day for the love that surrounded each and every moment. Brian and Sarah are cherished children, siblings, friends and colleagues; there's no mistaking that. I could feel it for myself while watching her father prepare to walk her down the aisle...and when I watched her mom look at her daughter from across the room as she finished p[...]

St. Juliana & Itasca Country Club Wedding PhotosNicky & Michelle

St. Juliana & Itasca Country Club Wedding Photos
If ever there was a case for having a first look on your wedding day, the moment Nicky and Michelle saw one another for the first time would be it. I teared up at the joy of it all - so happy for them, so honored to witness such an intimate time, and so excited for what's in store for them. If that wasn't enough, their ceremony at St. Juliana drew us all deeper into t[...]

Lincoln Park Chicago Lifestyle Newborn PhotosBaby Lillian

Lincoln Park Chicago Lifestyle Newborn Photos
When I first saw a picture of Lillian, my jaw dropped and I passed my phone to Neil without a word. He said what I was thinking, "Now, THAT is a beautiful newborn!" She's perfectly squishy and makes the sweetest expressions. I was so excited about her session, because I knew that her parents were looking for the kind of photos that I myself cherish...those seemingly i[...]

Chicago Elopement Photos at The Waldorf AstoriaCity Hall Nuptuals

Chicago Elopement Photos at The Waldorf Astoria
This secret!!! Oh, this secret. Practically impossible to keep. None of their parents, siblings or best friends know - and here I am, keeping it in. Blogging it! If you come across these people and you know them, send them a bottle of champagne because they are waking up giddy every day as newlyweds and no. one. knows. I love photographing weddings, I honestly do. [...]

St. Martha’s, Morton Grove Outdoor Summer WeddingKen & Lisa - 6.18.16

St. Martha's, Morton Grove Outdoor Summer Wedding
One of my favorite things about shooting weddings is seeing how the bride and groom's personalities come through in the event--how they bring their own spirit to the celebration. And Ken and Lisa's wedding was no exception! From a ringbearer in his summer suspenders to a real live Abraham Lincoln impersonator, this was a wedding I won't soon forget. Congratulations Ke[...]

Olive Park & Ohio Street Beach Engagement PhotosTim & Victoria

Olive Park & Ohio Street Beach Engagement Photos
I'm working a bit backwards here, since their wedding was featured on the blog last week, but the great news is that I am blogging at all so we're going to focus on that point! It's probably no surprise that Winnie is to blame for the lack of social media presence lately, but I assure you that plenty is getting done behind the scenes! Neil and I have made the decision[...]