Lily Pool, Lincoln Park Maternity Photos

Do you remember Cory and Katie? Or their gorgeous outdoor wedding and swanky wine bar reception? They’re some of my favorites to be around because they still flirt as if it’s their first date. In July, I received an email from Cory that I wanted to print and mail to Katie. He told me that they were going to be parents, and how excited he was. He asked if we could surprise her with a maternity shoot before the baby was set to arrive (to which I replied yes, yes, a thousand times yes). And when he touched base again in September, I nearly printed that one out, too. He wrote to say that Katie looked so beautiful pregnant, he couldn’t keep the secret any longer. He shared that he was planning a maternity shoot with me, and afterwards taking her out on a surprise date. Just the sweetest, no? We had the best time together, celebrating their new journey as parents and their deepening love. Their session is one I will remember for a long, long time.

Spoiler alert – It’s a girl! Their baby arrived safe, healthy, and practically perfect in every way in December. Not to brag, but I guessed girl, and have been right so far on every guess with my friends and clients. So, if you know someone who’s pregnant, I’d be happy to share my gender-guessing talents for a low rate of 15 minutes cuddling said baby when he or she arrives. 

Congratulations Cory and Katie, and welcome sweet Harper!


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