Chicago Maternity Photographer: Josh & Caiti’s Lincoln Park Session

Josh and Caiti are not the type of people who get chatty with their seat mates on an airplane. Like many of us do, they keep their heads down and hope that whoever sits next to them a) doesn’t snore, and b) doesn’t try to strike up a conversation. (I feel the same way. Really though, what will hearing my life story do for you an hour from now when you never see me again? Maybe I’m too cynical.) On this particular day when it all began, Josh was on the airplane first. He asked the flight attendant if it would be possible to move seats once the passengers had all boarded. But then, Caiti sat down next to him. When the flight attendant returned to let him know he could move, he pretended to not know what she was talking about and played it off like she must’ve gotten him confused with someone else. And that is where their story starts, with a plot that could be straight from a movie.

Flirtation turned to love, and now they’re married with a little one on the way. When they asked me to photograph their maternity session, I was so excited. To me, maternity sessions are not just about the baby belly. They’re about two people adding another chapter to their love story, and watching it unfold in front of my camera. This time, I knew that I was in for a good one.


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