I’m On a Book!

Friends! Crazy exciting news today…last fall, I shot a book cover! I was given the task of crafting and photographing some amazing cocktails inspired by famous authors/books and drinks from their eras (not work at all).

Not to quote the song, but I never thought I’d be on a book! When I made my professional goals this year, I should’ve added “Shoot a Book Cover” so that I had something extra-amazing to check off my list. We’ll chalk this one up as a bonus item. Extra credit, if you will. Credit that I will spend on a manicure tomorrow. Yikes! Sorry, guys.

CailiHelsperPhotography_Germania Place Chicago Wedding_0039I’ve already bookmarked several recipes and will definitely share some here, but if you want to snag your own copy head to Barnes & Noble where I’ll be waiting in the aisle to sign your book. Everyone knows that photographer of the cover photo is the most sought-after autograph in the cocktail recipe book category. Obviously. Many thanks to sweet Kelly at Sourcebooks for keeping me in mind for the opportunity…she follows my blog and knows how fond I am of sharing pictures of our latest drink concoctions. :)

In other news, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I’m literally sweating with anticipation and thanks to Neil, I have new red, white and blue shorts to wear this year! These are the things that I have to tell you today; there will be more clients on the blog next week! In the meantime, soak up the fireworks and eat as many patriotic-themed side dishes as you can stomach.





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