Favorite Recipes: The Feta that Keeps on Giving

Before I share a recipe starring the brilliant Greek cheese that has changed my life, I wanted to share this link for fellow photogs. Let’s all make sure that we are making this community a positive and better place! :) http://justinmarantz.com/index.cfm?postID=1711

I discovered this feta ten days ago, and I’m going to get you guess how many times I have made it since. I shall only disclose that the number is much greater than one, yet (thankfully) still in the single digits. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but when Neil and I find something that we love, we tend to overdo it just a tad. Don’t make me dig up the Neil/taco post from our ancient blog (although the Pipers won’t let us forget about that one)…but let’s just say we’ve been known to beat a dead horse in the food category. We once ate Guy Fieri’s Cuban Pork four nights in one week.

This feta spread is incredible on french baguette slices with roasted tomatoes and fresh basil, inside chicken pita pockets, dolloped on homemade greek pizza and used as a base for stuffed chicken. Or, for you purists out there, it’s also great on a spoon. I got the recipe from my favorite food blog, and the only change I made was to add garlic (obviously). I usually taste the feta as I go to make sure that you can taste the garlic, but that it’s not too overpowering.

Here is the recipe: Whipped Feta



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