Chicago Maternity Photographer: Chris and Jeannine

I am so happy to be writing this blog post when it is 64 degrees in Chicago (finally!), because this shoot really made my clients question my judgment. Somehow, I convinced my poor mother to assist me, which brought the grand total of people I forced to stand in the snowfall to five (I left out photos of their first born because she was not too happy about the cold or my camera). But it all paid off, because not only is the setting gorgeous but if you look closely in the closeups you can see snowflakes in the images! Hello, romantic! And can we talk about how pretty Jeannine looks? Pregnant women are so beautiful.

Chris and Jeannine’s family of three will become four in May, and I can’t wait to meet and photograph their little guy. I find myself checking my calendar regularly, hoping that her due date is closer than it really is! I am sure they are probably more anxious than I am. ;) Enjoy their snow session and check back in May for baby boy’s newborn photos!

Side note, I finally caved and bought blogstomp. While I haven’t quite gotten the settings where I want them, this entire post took me 45 seconds to compile the images! Do you have any idea what I can do with all the extra time I am saving? Probably bake… :)


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